Arts in Education

The video below shows Oliver facilitating some of the processes of a mono-printing workshop in a class of primary school children. This type of mono-printing is a fun and fast-moving activity suitable for all ages including really young children. It can take as little as a few minutes through to a number of hours to produce mono-prints. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you like!

Whether you are looking for an Artist in Residence or a facilitator for a short-term art activity, Oliver offers his broad teaching experience and friendly approach to ensure the success of your project. Residencies vary in length from one day to two weeks, with activities ranging from one hour printmaking workshops for younger pupils to two day master-class intaglio printmaking workshops for Years 10-18 and Adults.

Oliver often combines Arts projects with ‘Footnotes’, his Visual Thinking workshops; this can help to finance the Residence across English and Learning Support Departments.

Monoprinting in school from Oliver West on Vimeo.


Below is more information on the workshops and details of how to apply for one of Oliver West’s Residency Projects:

  • Staff Development workshops
  • Intaglio and relief printmaking workshops
  • Film making workshops
  • Community arts project
  • Sketchbook workshop
  • Mural project
  • Career development portfolio workshops
  • Oliver West Footnotes” Visual Thinking Workshops

School Workshops

The following workshops are available:

  • Full Day School Workshop
  • Learning To Draw Course
  • Mobile Studio Experience
  • Printmaking Skills Course
  • School Artist in Residence
  • School Arts and Visual Thinking
  • School Creative Identity
  • School Mixed media Art Workshops
  • School Plein Air Printmaking
  • School Trips and Camps
  • Staff Creative Identity Course
  • Twilight INSETS